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My journey

My Journey

I like healthy teas and smoothies and I like wine. I love my greens but I love pizza too. I truly believe that a life without dessert isn’t worth living. Hah! I like going to bed early and I like dancing until sunrise. I grew up in France to a French mom and a Spanish dad. I enjoyed food as it is the forefront of both cultures I belong to. I never put too much thought into making “healthy choices” versus “unhealthy choices”, until I was faced with my son’s health and behavioral issues. My son Zachary who is now 20 is on the autism spectrum, this disorder that comes with an array of health concerns, one of the main ones being gut troubles and all that comes with it. I spent a lifetime researching and finding ways to make his life more balanced .The quality of food is the single most important decision you can make to support your health. Nutrition dense foods can impact your health, taste delicious, make you look and feel great!

This passion towards health , wellness and nutrition was born from a visceral necessity to help the very most important person in my life. It made me want to expand my reach and help more people around me. I know that my lifelong passion for food is my true calling. I’m a NASM ( National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified nutrition coach and continue to further my education any chance I get.

My goal as a wellness and nutrition coach is to support my clients in finding their own unique version of balance. I’m here to offer positive encouragement and tips on how to live a fuller life with fun! If you’re ready to break the barriers that prevent you from living that life you are yearning for, feel less intimidated by what it actually means to eat more “healthy”, let me help !

About Me

I love traveling and discovering new cultures ,people and foods. You’ll always find me roam my way around a fresh outdoor market when I get the opportunity to do so . I love hiking, kayaking, skiing and all things outdoorsy. I love laughing and spending time with my “people”, as well as painting and taking photographs (some would say too many…hah!) I love to cook delicious meals and feeding people is my love language. I love open-mindness and kindness for they’re always in fashion. It’s not unusual to catch me dancing while cooking in the kitchen.